Board Meetings

Welcome to the PB SC Water Supply Corporation Board Meetings Page.  Please check here for all the latest information from our monthly water utility board meetings!

You are invited to join us every second Friday of each month at 9:00 am, at our office located at 6721 US Hwy 190W, in Point Blank.

If you would like to address the board, please contact the office at 936-377-4811, before 11:00 am the Monday before the meeting.

What may members of a governing body do if an unposted issue is raised at an open

Members of the governing body may not deliberate or make any decision about an unposted issue at a meeting of the governing body. If an unposted item is raised by members or the general public, the governing body has four options. First, an official may respond with a statement of specific factual information or recite the governmental body’s existing policy on that issue. Second, an official may direct the person making the inquiry to visit with staff about the issue. Third, the governing body may offer to place the item on the agenda for discussion at a future meeting. Finally, the governing body may offer to post the matter as an emergency item if it meets the criteria for an emergency posting. 



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